Monday, 2019-06-24, 12:11 PM
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Salford Lets Work Together To Clean UP Our Roads & Streets

I live in Salford Quays Manchester I really have to say it is such a shame that there are such dirty streets in the surrounding areas! So come on residents of Salford don’t drop your litter on the floor take it home with you or put your rubbish in the bins provided. I have taken some pictures of some rubbish which has been left on our streets for months now. O yes the council they need to really get a grip on their cleaning of the roads and paths within Salford I have now seen in the past six months one road sweeper we need more bins also more road sweepers to keep this lovely place clean. I heard a tourist say wow this place is so dirty rubbish everywhere not very good for tourism is it! I have taken some images which you can see below I would love your comments thanks for reading this article.
salford rubish on our streets